Preview of the 2SEE Application coming to KEY2ACT’s MobileTech

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On December 20, 2016, KEY2ACT will be releasing their new 2SEE application that connects MobileTech with XOEye Technology, giving users the power to record video or take photos while on site.

Set Up

Setting up the 2SEE system is as simple as associating each MobileTech user with their assigned glasses within the system. Once they’re connected, there’s nothing more to do and the user can automatically save photos and videos from their eyeglasses to their account.

KEY2ACT SEE Setup for Microsoft Dynamics GP


To begin, technicians will be able to select the appropriate appointment and head out to the customer site

service calls

While on site, each technician is able to record videos or take photo snapshots through their eyeglasses. Many use this technology to narrate steps they are taking to resolve the issue, take photos of other issues that need to be fixed, the record before and after footage, and more.

video and image

Within the system, you’ll see all of the content captured by the smart glasses within the last 7 days. Each photo can be enlarged, or selected to see accompanying notes or comments, and by clicking on video stills, you will open a full-screen view of the captured video.

Technicians and managers have the option to choose which media files are included in the final report to the customer. Once the appointment is marked as complete, those files are then sent through an automatically generated hyperlink to the customer.



The portal for managers to view recorded images and videos from each user.
The portal for managers to view recorded images and videos from each user.


Managers can view all the data in their portal. Groups of photos are tagged with service call ID and are grouped by the technician, service call, and service location.

Senior technicians or foreman

Senior techs and foreman can help new or inexperienced techs in real-time through this technology. An on-site tech can call their supervisor through the system. Once the supervisor accepts the call, that person immediately has access to the techs view through the smart glasses.

Answer Calls from Techs in the SEE app of KEY2ACT

This capability allows senior techs to perform remote training and support without being on the job site, reducing wait times and costs per job. Managers can also see every tech that is logged in and what job they’re currently working on.

Example of a call summary report with hyperlinks to media files from the technician.
Example of a call summary report with hyperlinks to media files from the technician.

Top Benefits

  • Drive additional revenue by recording images and videos of additional issues that need to be fixed. Many customers will agree to additional work after they physically see the issue.
  • Resolve insurance disputes quicker when you’re able to record the job site as proof.
  • Use video recordings for job site safety inspections, ensuring your technicians are following safety protocol.
  • Enable more experienced techs to assist younger techs without having to go to several job sites
    • No waiting for backup assistance at the job site
    • No need to send out another truck
    • Allow the more inexperienced technician to learn by physically doing the work, all while being instructed by someone more knowledgeable

The Future is Now

Imagine all the ways this technology could revolutionize your field service business. If you have KEY2ACT MobileTech currently, this technology will be available during your December upgrade.

Talk to the experts at Stoneridge Software to learn more, get KEY2ACT support, or for assistance in determining which software solutions are the most beneficial for your specific needs.


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