Understanding the New Workflow Condition Management

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Microsoft is continuously improving Dynamics GP to consistently meet the demands of the ERP market. The latest version of the renowned financial management/ERP software focuses on workflow improvements. A few of these developed features include import/export SmartLists from Designer, SmartLists from favorites, Power BI reports on home page, export numbers to Excel formatted as numbers, budget import exception report, workflow reassignment notifications, and the highly discussed all-in-one document view.

At the core of these newly developed features is the Workflow Condition Management. Microsoft enhanced Dynamics GP’s workflow condition management by providing two new options for what happens when step conditions are not met. The newest version of Dynamics GP now offers the user to set the workflow condition to either “continue to the next step” or “reject”.

The function of the new workflow condition management might be received with a little hesitation. As one commentator put it; “My initial thought is - if the condition isn’t met, then why would I want to continue to the next step? If I wanted that to happen, surely, I would have had different conditions in the first place.”

In order to understand the new feature, it is important to keep in mind that previous versions of Dynamics GP allowed users to set conditions for workflow steps based on any field that is both directly and indirectly related to the document. If a condition isn’t met, the user chooses between the options “succeeded” or “canceled”. However, the new feature recognizes that some conditions require additional attention to meet the goal and thus the two new options.

Of course, this is not something Microsoft has cooked up on its own. The new workflow condition management options were created based on the feedback the company has collected from their customers and the highly dynamic nature of modern businesses. Microsoft’s pro-active approach to recognize the needs of their customers proves that it aims to be as innovative and as forward-thinking as possible when it comes to software development.

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