The Modern Workplace and the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client

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Per Gallup's annual Work and Education poll, telecommuting for work has exceeded 37%.  The increasing switch to telecommuting and decentralized operations demands reliable cross-platform solutions which allow workers to perform their work from anywhere. In order to meet this demand, Microsoft has been continuously enhancing the Dynamics GP Web Client. The Web Client – which is part of MSPartnership’s Hosted Dynamics GP solution, is a fast cross-platform and cross-browser client that provides users with the ability to stay on top of their responsibilities no matter where they are or what device they’re currently on.

Benefits of the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client

One of the best things about the web client is how it allows users to experience Dynamics GP online without dictating what kind of web browser they must use or what kind of operating system they must install. All major web browsers, whether it be Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, or Safari are fully supported.

The Dynamics GP Web Client’s flexibility is made possible by HTML5 – the underlying markup language.  HTML 5 is universally supported on all platforms and is steadily becoming the foundation of the new generation of the world-wide web – it is smarter, more responsive, and much less tied to proprietary technologies which burden companies with license issues and compatibility problems.

The beauty of the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client certainly does not end on the inside. Microsoft is a sharp observer of how users work with their products. Thus, each new version demonstrates the company’s ability to develop and innovate with improve productivity.

The web client’s enhanced interface has new features like support for continuous scrolling which provides a smoother navigating experience. Other improvements include the support for cross-column search, the ability to pin key columns, and the addition of a multi-selection capability.

The new interface is also customizable to fit the user’s preference. A user can change the company, language, region, time zone, and work date as well as having their window be collapsed - and have it remain collapsed - when the user’s browser is re-opened.

How Much Does Dynamics GP Cost?

MSPartnership offers low-cost SaaS pricing that includes the latest version of Dynamics GP with its enhanced web client. Hosted Dynamics GP pricing starts at $99 per month per full user and at just $10.00 per month per self-service user.  Given that these prices allow for an unlimited number of users.   We also provide free assistance with migration or implementation for qualifying customers. It easy to see how MSPartnership is the most rational choice for your Dynamics GP provider.

We at MSPartnership can help you reach your peak performance with Dynamics GP online hosted on Azure. Contact us and let us show you why our partners swear by our services.

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