Process Manufacturing Software That Allows For Mobility

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Process Manufacturing Software That Allows For Mobility

-Succeed With Process Manufacturing Software That Allows For Mobility For Raw Material Tracking-

With evidence of four major stories about food contamination in the last month alone, there is no doubt that there's a need for process manufacturing software; one that allows for the convenience of mobility through handheld devices.  The much needed mobile tracking also lends process manufacturers aid in quality controls and makes for easier product recalls when necessary.

In the past, raw material tracking on a plant floor was not easily accomplished. This was because employees had to use old school work stations on the factory floor, causing them to have to supply your system with backflushed data.  Today, process manufacturing businesses can operate with mobility and better accuracy by using handheld devices and Dynamics AX software.  In this article, you will learn how the workflow process for raw material tracking operates on handheld devices, and watch a video that demonstrates how easy tracing materials is with Dynamics AX.

Dynamics AX supports raw material traceability on handhelds through workflows

In light of handheld device's ability to decrease errors and increase productivity, a workflow has been created in Dynamics AX to further improve its capabilities called KB-3164415.  This workflow enables the user to report raw material consumption for production and batch orders. It is also useful in areas of strict requirement, meaning the exact time and exact quantity must be reported for consumption. This will be particularly helpful with the new traceability and serialization requirements for pharmaceutical companies, too.  This process is used instead of backflushing the data which can lead to data entry errors.

Johan Hoffman describes the process in further detail in his blog, Reporting Raw Material Consumption with the Hand Held Devices.

This simple scenario explains how the new workflow can be used: A production process is consuming a raw material RM that is stored on a license plate 4543 with two batches; B1 and B2. The material is registered and consumed on a continuous basis.

Raw Material Traceability and handheld devices

  1. Configuration of the new flow

First create a new Mobile device menu item with the activity code: Register material consumption

Raw Material Traceability and handheld devices

Add the menu item to a Mobile device menu

Raw Material Traceability and handheld devices

2. Make the consumption registration on the hand held device

Create a production order for the finished product FG

Raw Material Traceability and handheld devices

The production order has a simple bill of material with a raw material RM. The Bill of Material line is set up with a flushing principle: Manual.

Raw Material Traceability and handheld devices

The raw material is on-hand with two batches on a license plate on location 00901.

The production order is started.

Raw Material Traceability and handheld devices

The production order is now in status: Started.

Raw Material Traceability and handheld devices

Video Showcasing Dynamics AX Raw Material Tracking

Software that allows for mobility and business intelligence is imperative for manufacturing, and mandates a business software that has the ability to track ingredients, components, serial & lot numbers.  This is also true for distributors across numerous industries who need to track items for a variety of purposes including service management, warranty management, and even as a theft deterrent. Dynamics AX can even work alongside with M2M and IIoT for temperature controls and similar situations.

In Dynamics AX, manufacturers can trace items, raw materials, or ingredients back to the vendor, and forward through the production and sale of the finished product. See the video below to see how effortless your job can be with Dynamics AX to trace components used in the manufacturing process.


Process manufacturing software that allows for mobility helps your company track raw materials more easily, complies with regulatory requirements, and also helps quality officers and production managers analyze and take action to address variances in the quality of products and materials. Here are some examples of the diverse functionality of item tracing in Dynamics AX:

  • Determine how much of the item or raw material has been shipped, and to which customers.
  • Identify any planned shipments that include the item or raw material.
  • Locate production orders that use the item or raw material.
  • Find out which vendor the item or raw material was purchased from.

Watch the video to see how simple Dynamics AX makes item traceability for manufacturing or distribution.  With Dynamics AX, any item with a blue font can be traced forward and backward through production.  Talk about a blue line special, this function is always available, and not just when the blue light is flashing.  Dynamics AX supports your company even in the wee hours of the morning, so you can rest assured that help is always available.

If you are current on maintenance in AX, the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 cumulative update 6 expanded the item tracing functionality to provide consolidated, and more actionable, visibility into the source and destination of items and raw materials in the supply chain.

Clients First implements Dynamics AX Operations for process and discrete manufacturers and has developed mobile applications that help improve picking, shipping and remote sales.  Our client base includes  drug manufacturers, pet food manufacturers, and aviation companies who need help with raw material tracking and finished good inventory lot/serial tracking. Dynamics AX can benefit your regulatory requirements too. Clients First operates both nationally and internationally, our AX consultants headquartered in Minneapolis/St. Paul at 877.428.7205, Minnesota and Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas are committed to making your work life easier through implementing ERP and better business processes. We would be glad to help you become more efficient using mobile apps.  Give us a call at 800.331.8382. Or email us by clicking on the links above.

Dynamics AX (7) FAQ


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