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John Smith, MSPartnership

OData Service Deployment Enhancements in Dynamics GP

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It used to be that businesses had their private data stored in a variety of proprietary databases, these databases were rarely able to communicate with one another, making intercompany data-sharing cumbersome if not nearly impossible. This problem is even more pronounced in our data-driven world where sharing data is not optional – it’s mandatory.

Microsoft anticipated this difficulty a long time ago. Back in 2007, the company initiated Open Data Protocol or OData, an OASIS standard open protocol which allows the creation and consumption of interoperable RESTful APIs. OData makes it simpler to interact with data from a variety of applications and programming languages through using simple HTTP messages. The protocol is currently running on its fourth version which was submitted for approval by OASIS as an international standard in April of 2015.

The latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP now offers OData Service as a separate install. The option is available under the Additional Products selection in the Dynamics GP installation program. It’s worth noting that the separate install option is only available for single-tenant implementations (i.e. implementations where each customer has a separate instance of the software running in a logically isolated hardware environment).

The OData service benefits users across a large number of libraries and applications. Users can now seamlessly integrate data to help themselves gain useful insight into information they can use to steer their businesses in the right direction. The OData Service includes libraries on .NET, Java, JavaScript, C++, and other platforms. These platforms are able to provide classes to represent, construct, parse, serialize, and validate entity data models as well as many other functions. Aside from this, the OData client also supports Windows Store, Windows Phone 8, Silverlight 5, iOS and Android; as well as Java-based SDL OData Framework that aligns with the v4 specifications; or cross-platform HTML 5/JS tools for next-generation mobile and web development.

We at MSPartnership are at the forefront of enterprise resource planning (ERP) offering the latest version of Dynamics GP with its OData service deployment enhancements. We offer hosted Microsoft Dynamics GP at $99 per month per full user. With Dynamics GP, you can streamline workflows and other critical business processes; no matter how large or small your company. Hosted Dynamics GP includes tools for sales and service, manufacturing, supply chain management, account level security, budgeting, grant management, human resources, payroll, and so much more.

It’s part of our business philosophy to give each of our customers our best customer service.  With MSPartnership, you get to focus on your core business while we take care of the SaaS infrastructure for you.

by MSPartnership

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