Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 Is Here and Designed for Business Convenience

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Microsoft Dynamics GP being accessible everywhere has long been a goal of Microsoft, according to The company creates products with the desire to put ERP solutions into the hands of every business that needs streamlined data, BI features and convenient information systems. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 reinforce the brand's commitment to flexible and agile system usability.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 offers a variety of features that makes ERP solutions more applicable and simple for business of every size. One feature in particular ensures companies can implement the business software on the device of their choosing. Instead of using the traditional Silverlight Web client, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 provides cloud-deployed service through an HTML5 Web client. This option works with most popular browsers so employees can use ERP solutions on their tablets and smartphones.

This expanded mobile performance is just one of the advantages offered by Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016. A recent blog by The TM Group described other benefits businesses should see if they choose to implement the GP 2016 version.

by The TM Group

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