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Import and Export SmartLists from SmartList Designer

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Dynamics GP comes with a range of useful features, for example:  Power BI reports on the Home Page, the ability to export numbers to Excel formatted as numbers, workflow reassignment notifications, and all-in-one document view. Today, we are taking a look at its ability to import and export SmartLists from SmartList Designer, a feature that was previously greatly limited and often necessitated the use of other solutions to accomplish what can be done easily through a familiar user interface.

In the past, those of you who have tried to create a new SmartList from an existing favorite have probably learned that it’s possible only to create new SmartLists from default SmartLists and then remove the unwanted columns. You can create a new SmartList from a favorite using SmartList Designer.

Microsoft elaborated on the SmartList feature in the SmartList Designer by saying, “one environment can be exported, transported to a different machine, and then imported into a different environment.” The obvious advantage of this solution is the ability to port and export SmartList Designer definitions between Dynamics GP implementations, which is useful for “partners who create SmartLists for one customer, then import them into an implementation for another customer,” as explained by Microsoft in their promotional brochure.

Columns included in new SmartLists and created in the SmartList Designer are displayed in the SmartList Options window. From there, you can include or exclude columns from the default view and change the order in which the columns display. Before this feature was implemented, it was impossible to have default columns defined in the SmartList Options window.

How to Do It


  • Click Export/Import within the SmartList window and choose Export.
  • This will open the Export List window, where you can select the SmartList from the Available SmartList IDs section.
  • By clicking on the Insert button, you can move the item to the Selected SmartList IDs.
  • You can then select the path and file name for the XML file that will be created.
  • When you’re done, a confirmation message will be displayed.


  • You should save the XML file containing the SmartList definition to a physical location.
  • Open the SmartList window and choose Export/Import located under Actions and click Import
  • Browse to the saved SmartList XML file and click on the Import button.
  • A confirmation message will be displayed.

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