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Budget Import Exception Report in Dynamics GP

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We’ve been informing you about the features and improvements that Microsoft includes in Dynamics GP such as web client enhancements, the ability to scan multiple pages, workflow condition management, OData Service deployment enhancements, business intelligence enhancements, and more.   Now, it’s time to move to financial enhancements and take a closer look at improvements made to the Budget Import Exception Report tool.

In the past, when users attempted to import budget amounts and posting accounts from Excel, they didn’t receive any notification alerting them about the non-existence of an account. The improved Budget Wizard tool makes importing budgets easier by highlighting missing accounts and producing exception reports during the Budget import.

Users can thus promptly pause the import, go to Dynamics GP, create a new account, and then resume the importation of budgets. Finding the missing accounts at the very start of the workflow can potentially save a lot of time and keep users from having to manually search through options trying to find the cause of their import problem.

The generated exception report lists all accounts which aren’t present in General Ledger; and it also displays duplicates found in the import file. With the report in front of you, you can use Transaction Entry windows to edit the transactions - pairing them with existing accounts; or you can create new accounts and match them with those that are listed on the exception report.

Microsoft has implemented this feature based on feedback received from thousands of customers from all around the world, and the company continuously strives to make Dynamics GP the best ERP solution on the market. We at MSPartnership have a wealth of experience helping clients achieve their goals by providing flexible, cost-effective Dynamics GP solutions that fit the needs of everyone from small mom and pop shops to large multi-national companies.

Microsoft is building unrivaled tools with complex capabilities, such as financial management and accounting, inventory management and operations, sales and service, business intelligence and reporting, human resources and payroll, and we are here to help you get the most value out of them. With MSPartnership, you can switch to hosted Dynamics GP for just $10.00 per month for self-service users and $99 per month per full user.

Microsoft’s commitment to privacy and security gives you the peace of mind knowing that you won’t become a victim of a costly data breach. The company is dedicated to continuous improvement of their products, giving them an edge over their competition. All you need to do is visit our official website, where you can learn more about our services and get in touch with us.

by MSPartnership

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