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Ken Jacobsen, The TM Group Inc.

Benefits of an Integrated Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM Solution

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Business software solutions like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics NAV help companies with limited IT experience keep up in a world of big data. Companies can gain improved visibility of their datasets by integrating their customer and enterprise data into a central streamlined integrated Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM solution.

Working with a connector allows businesses to map entities and create effective relationships between customer order data and product fulfillment. It's often wise for businesses to implement software incrementally. An ERP partner can help companies implement an integrated Microsoft Dynamics NAV with CRM solution by assisting companies with mapping individual datasets and testing performance.

In the end, integration should speed up information processes through automation and common workflows. Users are less likely to make mistakes when automatic data processes collect details and create visibility of how customer demands influence enterprise projects. At the same time, managers with complete visibility of CRM and ERP data can make better decisions.

Company decision-makers need all relevant information before they make a move. The TM Group described other benefits businesses can gain through Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration in a recent blog post.

By The TM Group, Inc.

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