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How Can Your Organization Benefit from a Timesheet Integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP?

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A timesheet integrated to your financial system, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, allows everyone across your organization to stay up to date, on time and on budget by having access to real-time information as soon as it has been entered into the timesheet. What this means for the rest of the organization is that there will be fewer adjustments as well as faster processing and approval of the time and expenses entered, which in turn could help shorten your billing cycle.

JOVACO Solutions has recently launched TEDI.5, the latest version of its fully integrated, Web-based Time and Expense Module. As our most user-facing application, this new version builds upon the previous functionalities and capabilities of our timesheet to make it even more flexible and user friendly.

Here are some of our new features and how they can benefit your organization:

  • Mobile functionalities
    Thanks to the Web-based, mobile-friendly functionalities of the timesheet, resources who are on the road can access, enter and update information from anywhere and at any time with their smartphone or tablet. As such, they are more likely to fill out their timesheet on time, and managers within your organization will have access to the latest information as it is updated in real time across all systems.
  • Favorites and Recents
    There was already the concept of recurrences, with which your resources could make certain project lines available in their timesheet for every period, facilitating the entry of time and expenses. In this version, the notions of favorites and recents were also added so that they can simply pick from a list lines that were either designated as favorites or that have been used within the past month without having to search for them again.
  • Resource Planning and Integrated View of Planned Activities
    Managers can allocate tasks directly within an employee’s timesheet as well as include comments and instructions, reducing the risk of coding errors and ensuring that resources are aware of current priorities. Resources can then view the activities and tasks allocated to them directly from within their timesheet and adjust their expected time to completion so that managers are aware of any gaps between planned and actual hours.


JOVACO’s Time and Expense Module has numerous other features that make it possible for organizations to track time and expenses in real time. A timesheet application integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP such as TEDI will allow for more informed business decisions, more accurate invoicing and real-time updates on the status of your projects. Download our TEDI product brochure to review the complete list of features and functionalities and learn how you can gain better control of your organization’s operations

By JOVACO Solutions, a timesheet application developer for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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