Alerts for Dynamics GP

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“Let me know when this PO is received.”

“I need to know when we receive payment for this order.”

“Notify service as soon as the customer renews their contract.”

The number of things we need to remember on a daily basis can be overwhelming.  At some point the list of “remember To Dos” becomes so large that you need a “remember to check the To Do list” reminder.

WilloWare’s Alerts for Dynamics GP is a handy tool you can use to attach reminders to just about anything in GP.  Alerts is just one of the enhancements available in GP PowerPack.

Here’s an Alert regarding special shipping instructions for a Customer.


Alerts follow records and documents throughout the system.  An Alert attached to a Customer can pop-up when the Customer ID is selected anywhere in GP.  An Alert attached to a Sales Invoice can pop-up anywhere that Invoice Number is used.

Alerts are highly configurable.  You can attach them to any record or transaction in GP (including 3rd Party Products), control where they pop-up, change the color, and allow multiple Alerts to stay open at the same time.

Use Alerts to keep track of all of those little To-Dos, and save your brain for something more important!

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