4 Things To Do After GPUG Summit 2016

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Everyone is back from GPUG Summit 2016 and, if you're like us, you're feeling a little bummed that it's over. Between the networking, the breakout sessions, the fun receptions and the keynotes, we had a great week! Plus, if your company headquarters are located in a state that's currently experiencing its first bout of cold weather (loving that Minnesota crispness...), then you're also missing the beautiful, warm Florida climate.

Some of you may have returned from Summit with a feeling of "now what?" If that's the case, here are some pointers to help you keep the excitement up until Summit 2017, and to take advantage of all the new knowledge and connections you've gained.

  1. Keep in touch. You likely made some new friends and business connections at Summit, whether it was at an educational session or a lunchtime roundtable discussion. If you were able to snag contact information from these people, make sure to stay in touch. Find out if you'll cross paths at other conferences throughout the year or if you're part of the same user group. By staying in touch, you can be sure you'll have friends to meet up with at next year's Summit event.
  2. Follow up with software vendors you talked to. If you collected documentation, attended a session or watched a demo from vendors in the Expo Hall, now is a great time to follow up with them. Now that you're able to slow down and sift through all the paperwork, you can organize all the information you collected and start to do some research on add-on solution providers you're serious about learning more about.
  3. Join the chatter on social media. The GPUG community is an active one, especially on social media! Join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, as well as on blogs and forums. This will help you continue learning about developments in the community, as well as stay in touch with other users and experts.
  4. Prepare for next year. Spend the next year analyzing your current software and business processes so you can take full advantage of the resources available at Summit 2017 and know where your business's strengths and weaknesses are. Make sure you register early for next year's Summit event and get involved in the discussion and planning!

If you visited the MetaViewer booth at Summit in Tampa and haven't had a chance to follow up, or if you wanted to see us and lost track of time, we're easy to get in-touch with! You can reach out to us at [email protected], watch a recorded demo on our YouTube channel or get more information on our website.

We look forward to catching up with you and seeing you next year in Nashville for GPUG Summit 2017!

by MetaViewer Paperless ERP for Microsoft Dynamics

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