3 Reasons To Be Excited about Microsoft Dynamics 365

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With the November 1 release date of Microsoft Dynamics 365 just around the corner, it is starting to get a lot more clear what this product is going to entail. And while nothing is official until the product is released, the information that is generally known is pretty exciting.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 will be a true Saas offering, and will combine many great features. Here are 3 of the most exciting things about the product

This will have true seamless integration with Outlook. Sure, there have been tight integrations in the past with Microsoft Dynamics products and Outlook, but it still involved building a bridge between the Exchange server and Dynamics. Now Office 365 users can simply type in their credentials to Dynamics 365 and they are done. No email router to deal with, no synchronizations to schedule, none of that. Outlook will truly be a part of your ERP and CRM system. Speaking of those two systems….

This is combined ERP and CRM. Really. Again, there have been integrations that can pass data between Dynamics ERP and Dynamics CRM, but you are once more talking about integrations being built (and hopefully not breaking), and some limitations in what sort of data can be shared and how. Now you can have CRM functionality and ERP in one product.

You will be doing a lot right from your email. Wouldn't it be great to get an email, and with a click add someone to your CRM? Would you be more productive if open A/R balances were visible when you receive an email from a client? Do you want the ability to launch Skype for Business with one click? That is the functionality Dynamics 365 is bringing to end users – one spot for a number of products that need to interact.

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By Intellitec Solutions, a Microsoft Dynamics partner serving clients in Delaware and Pennsylvania

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