Official Hashtag List for GPUG, AXUG, NAVUG Summit 2016

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When you have something to share, you don’t want to slow down to look for the right #hashtag. And if don’t use a #hashtag your information will not be seen by as many people.

There is going to be so much great content presented at the Dynamics Community Summit 2016 event. Use this list to make sure you are prepared to share it!

Hashtag List





#Summit16 (Note, this is not a good one to use because there are many other unrelated events with the same name)











Did I miss any? Let me know.

Twitter Accounts








Did I miss any? Let me know.

Start following these accounts now, as people are already sharing some great info before the event.

You can also get some great “insider” information on the Discussion Boards of each of the User Groups.  I found out good info about event locations, printable session PDFs and more.

We look forward to reading all your tweets from the event.

Be sure to visit our ERP Software Blog members who are sponsoring Summit 2016.

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