Part 2: Sales Document E-Mailing: Considerations & Options in Dynamics GP

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In the prior post we went through customer e-mail addresses and the “Email Address based on Doc Type” override. The final “override” is the E-mail Detail Entry window available off the Sales Transaction Entry screen.

2016 08 09 Sales Email Detail Entry

This “final override” does have a couple restrictions. If you enter information here, it is used just for this document and it is used only when printing the “main” document.  On a quote document, this override address would be used if you press the “E-mail” icon on the Sales Transaction Entry window and Dynamics GP would e-mail that quote to the address(es) you specified.  On an order, it would e-mail the “order” document (you may call it the order confirmation, order acknowledgement, etc.).

This “final override” functionality extends ONLY to the “E-mail” icon.  If you choose to use the Print icon and then choose e-mail within that window, this override will NOT be used.  Since using the “Print” window is the only way to print a picking ticket or packing list, you cannot utilize this “final override” for e-mailing those documents.  🙁

Click here to visit our website to continue reading about the e-mailing considerations associated with Word Templates.

For assistance with configuring the e-mailing functionality within Microsoft Dynamics GP, contact Avastone Technologies at (920) 687-4797 or [email protected]

By Allen Schuette, Avastone Technologies LLC, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner - Fox Cities, Milwaukee, Chicago

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