Document Management and Catalina: Your Next Efficiency Strategy

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MetaViewer Paperless Document Management allows users to interact with AP documents through a browser-based interface, making it easy and efficient for employees to be in-the-know about where documents are in the financial process. The application data is stored in a SQL Server database and the documents are stored on a file system. System information, user information and document content is created during an automated workflow process.

Metafile Information Systems, the company behind MetaViewer, has entered into a joint partnership with Catalina Technology. The MetaViewer for Microsoft Dynamics SL solution integrates using the Catalina CTAPI Web Services. This is the Finance Module, a subset of available SL services from Catalina.

Web Services gives MetaViewer the ability to integrate with Dynamics SL, allowing MetaViewer to export invoices. The new Dynamics SL voucher is created in unposted batches for review by a user.

MetaViewer has two components to its integration for Dynamics SL; lookups and exports. The lookups are handled via linked server. The exports are handled by Web Services.

Lookups require read access to all the Dynamics SL databases, including all companies that will be integrated. This access is required for the MetaViewer Profile Builder workstation, the MetaViewer administration workstation, MetaViewer services and MetaViewer web application. Metafile recommends this be configured using an Active Directory group (MetaViewer Power Users Group and MetaViewer Administrators Group). If there are specific concerns, other options are available.

Exports are handled by Web Services and require read, write, and execute access to the Dynamics SL company databases. In the MetaViewer deployment, only Web Services will require this access. It can be managed by active directory group, active directory user, or by a dedicated SQL user.

If you're looking to enhance your document management solution's integration with Microsoft Dynamics SL, a partnership with Catalina Technologies may be something to look for!

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