5 Ways ERP Can Deliver an ROI

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Return on Investment (ROI) regarding an ERP software solution rarely touches an important underpinning of every business, the human element. ROI is typically measured on the basis of the statistical value of operational efficiency, accurate financial reporting, and defined business requirements. However, behind the scenes of every business environment lies a dynamic relationship between employees, management, and product. Software which serves as the backbone of the organization can have a profound effect if flawed.


It can effectively break down employee morale, communication, and make employee roles difficult to define creating an environment which hinders business growth. Technology which was then designed to serve an organization can leave a clouded dashboard for senior executives and overall difficult business environment for employees.


A Dynamics ERP software solution can benefit your organization by providing,


  • Alleviation of stress and reduced frustration
  • Clearly defined daily business operation reduces discourse and frustration.
  • Consistent system across the organization promotes an understanding and provides an easy to use and train interface.


  • Improved accuracy and accountability
    • Mitigation of human error through tailored and carefully designed daily business workflows can make an employee’s position less subject to human error and an employee more accountable.
    • Transparent reporting can show where data input and collection begins and ends adding to the accountability of the organization when seeking solutions for problems as they arise.


  • Sense of accomplishment
    • Increased satisfaction through an ability to measure goals transparently and ability to see how an employee’s impact has aided in the organization through accurate reporting metrics.
    • KPI’s can aid management to accurately reward employee performance, development, and work ethic accordingly.


  • Collaborative environment
    • Clearly defined business objectives through tangible reporting provides seamless understanding and communication across internal meetings and when answering the question, “What’s next?”
    • A tailored ERP software solution used across an organization can measure and dissect data between departments to aid in collaborative decision making.
    • Easy to use interface makes data easy to share and understand promoting collaboration between departments.


  • Improved talent acquisition
    • Accurate KPIs can aid in recruitment and making the human resources role within your organization a more effective unit.
    • Accurate Inventory and forecasting reports can assist in providing a more “real time” approach to hire appropriate resources in the demanded departments.
    • Hiring the right candidates in line with business requirements reduces costly employee turnover.


From an accounting perspective, where a bank reconciliation process becomes a simplified process less prone to human error, to a manufacturing perspective, where a line worker can measure their work ethic and take pride of their work, these added benefits can ultimately create a sustainable theme of improved employee morale, job satisfaction, and increased employee retention benefiting your organization.


If your organization is considering an ERP software solution, consider consulting with Calsoft Systems. Contact Calsoft Systems to determine how Microsoft Dynamics can be a solution to your unique business needs while fostering what matters most in business success, your people behind it.

by Calsoft Systems

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