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Understanding Extensions in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

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In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, you can use Extensions to deliver customizations and extensions, making upgrades seamless and providing the functionality to best suits users’ needs. In NAV 2016, Extensions are a new feature called that enables partners, ISVs, and customers to customize and extend Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, without directly altering the source code.

Distributed via an Extensions “Package” file, Extensions can easily be installed or uninstalled, giving customers complete control over the additional functionality that they need. A full suite of new cmdlets to manage Extensions is provided in the Administrative Shell.  Because the source code is not directly modified, Extensions are also easily upgraded, eliminating code merging.

An Extension is an installable feature of Microsoft Dynamics NAV functionality built in a way that does not directly alter source resources and distributed as a preconfigured package.  Their capability can span from simple UI (User Interface) modifications to complete offerings, such as credit card processing or vertical functionality.

Extensions are designed to be easily upgradable, addressing a partner challenge when multiple solutions are in play.  Furthermore, they run on a per tenant basis in the hosted model, providing greater choice for the customer and lowering hosting COGs.

Benefits of Using Extensions in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 include:

Easy to install to your deployment

Easy to upgrade –simply install a new Extension version as part of the upgrade process and it takes care of itself. Or upgrade an Extension independently, without a full system upgrade

Easy to uninstall – Extensions are easy to remove and you have the option to archive the data from the Extension when uninstalling or upgrading

To further illustrate Extension in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, below is a lifespan example


Places an Extension package into the system, similar to registering it.


Install does what it takes to make the Extension  work, for example, adding code or database columns.


Upgrade is simplified. Uninstall the old and install the new version.


Uninstall removes the Extension so that the end user can no longer see or use it. Admins can still reinstall it.


Unpublish physically removes the Extension from the system (Capability may not be needed). 

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