Study: Intacct vs. Dynamics GP... Your Best QuickBooks Alternatives

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QuickBooks Alternatives

A recent study by Find Accounting Software names Intacct and Dynamics GP as the top two best QuickBooks alternatives. With data collected from more than 4,000 individual QuickBooks replacement reviews, Intacct and Dynamics GP’s extremely popular nature gave the programs some extremely sturdy handholds when it came to arguments as to why they were chosen to be great replacements.

Continue reading to see some of the most popular results. See which products are more popular in which industry and how the other product compares,  as well as why you should consider upgrading your QuickBooks software to Intacct or Dynamics GP.

Intacct vs. Microsoft Dynamics GP comparison by numbers


  • 43.4% Professional Services (Dynamics 34.2%)
  • 30.1% Non-Profit industry  (Dynamics 23.7%)

Microsoft Dynamics GP

  • 47.4% Distribution (Intacct 6.9%)
  • 31.8% Retail (Intacct 16.6%)
  • 30% Government (Intacct 11.3%)
  • 26% Manufacturing (Intacct 2.2%)
  • 23.7% Property Management (Intacct 16.9%)
  • 18.2% Construction & Contractor Services (Intacct 13.6%)

History and Functions


Microsoft released Dynamics in 1993. The older of the two products Dynamics really does live up to its name as a dependable support system for:

  • Financial management
  • Accounting
  • Inventory management
  • Sales
  • Business intelligence and reporting
  • Human Resources and Payroll


In 1999, Intacct became one of the first web-based cloud accounting software programs.  The cloud convenience is truly appealing to many consumers, taking away the need for upgrades and hardware maintenance.

Intacct offers users:

  • Financial Reporting
  • Purchasing, Sales and use tax
  • Project accounting
  • Core accounting
  • Billing
  • Inventory Management

These are both wonderful options for any company looking to upgrade from QuickBooks. Although the study conducted by Find Accounting Software reported 10 different alternatives it’s clear that these two programs are hands-down the top contenders. While each product has its clear advantages, it’s up to you to decide which program is right for you.

Iris Schimke, CEO of Express Information Systems, is an Intacct and Microsoft Dynamics Partner in Texas

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