Part 1: Sales Document E-Mailing: Considerations & Options in Dynamics GP

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The option to directly e-mail sales order documents has evolved in Dynamics GP since Version 2010. If you are using the document attachment functionality with e-mailing activated, GP’s built-in e-mailing now includes the specified document attachments as part of that e-mail to your customer.  If you “print” the sales document to a printer, the attachments are not included; to get a hard copy you need to preview each attachment and print it individually from that window.

But as the developers responded to requests to increase the e-mailing flexibility, a somewhat overlapping, confusing set of options emerged.  This posting begins to take you through those options assuming that all e-mail related configuration (company e-mail setup, message ID setup, Word template modifications, etc.) has already been done.

E-mail addresses are associated with individual customer address ID’s. One customer can have many different address ID’s; for each one you can specify e-mail addresses using the “globe” (figure 1):

(Why the icon that looks to me like a globe goes to an E-mail/Internet window and the icon that sort of looks like an envelope with a red pin goes to a map is an answer for someone else to explain.)

2016 07 14 Fig 2
Figure 2

From this window you can specify one or multiple e-mail addresses in any or all of the three address lines (To, Cc, Bcc). (Beneath this area of the window is a field actually named “E-mail” but this has nothing to do with e-mailing documents…I don’t think it is there just to confuse us but it does that pretty well.)

When creating a sales orders document (quote, order, invoice, etc.), once you enter the customer number GP brings in the default bill-to and ship-to addresses. You can then use the expansion arrow after the customer ID field to change the Bill-to address ID which in turn would have different e-mail address associated with it.  To view/verify the e-mail addresses, you would drill down on the Bill To Address ID hyperlink and go through the Customer Address Maintenance card.

Click here to visit our website to continue reading about the "direct e-mail" or "Print/email" options.

Stay tuned for the next post about the “final override” and doc attach considerations.

For assistance with configuring the e-mailing functionality within Microsoft Dynamics GP, contact Avastone Technologies at (920) 687-4797 or [email protected]

By Allen Schuette, Avastone Technologies LLC, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner - Fox Cities, Milwaukee, Chicago

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