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Microsoft Dynamics 365 will be here before we know it, and it is bringing some pretty exciting features to the Microsoft stack. Launching this fall, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the latest product that specializes in what is known as “business transformation”. Business transformation broadly construed refers to two things, but by no means is it limited in scope to these two things.


In one sense it is the process of adapting new technologies as they are released to enhance pre-existing business methodology. An example of this would be capturing and leveraging data that previously could not be tracked to improve workflow. It's basically making use of new technological tricks to better perform age-old tasks. The second way how the phrase business transformation is used refers to the process by which companies enter into new markets. It refers to Nintendo switching from manufacturing playing cards to creating the first video games, or Leo Fender using his knowledge of radio circuitry to create some of the first electric guitars. It is a transformation of the business, usually although not strictly through some sort of technological leap.


If right now you are thinking that these sound kind of similar you aren’t wrong, they are. They are both ways of thinking about improving a business through technology, and the idea with Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that it will now be very easy to get the tools you need to move your business to new markets or simply get better at performing in existing ones. They are repackaging all of their existing services into a single place to streamline this. Think of it like an app store for business-specific applications and programs. You select specific programs you want to use for your company off a store full of programs and Microsoft bills you appropriately based on which services you used and how much you used it.


This is very exciting for us here at Rimrock Corporation because we hope to be included in Dynamics 365 as a third party software provider. Part of the vision of Dynamics 365 is a place where you can find all the programs you need to run your company in one place, and you only need to download and pay for the ones you really need. It is an ideal platform for individual business to select the industry specific software they need to expand or simply run things more efficiently, and FIELDBOSS (our Field Service Software) is exactly this kind of industry specific software.


So, for now, we patiently await the release of Dynamics 365. Microsoft has gone on record saying the release ought to be sometime this fall so the wait shouldn’t be too long! Be sure to keep checking because will be talking about updates and developments as they are announced.


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