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What to Do When You Have Duplicate Checks in Your Dynamics GP Payroll Register

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Did you complete your payroll as normal, post it and print reports, only to discover something odd when reviewing the reports?  Are you seeing 2 checks for each employee on your Dynamic GP Payroll Check Register?  If you’re anything like a client I worked with recently, you were probably very surprised by this.  After digging a little deeper into this strange occurrence, I discovered that the Check Register and Check Inquiry each listed 2 checks/direct deposits for each employee with different direct deposit advice numbers.  Furthermore, the distributions on the Check Inquiry window were out of balance, the Transaction Inquiry only showed the 1 correct check, and the general ledger batch was stuck in Batch Recovery because the entry didn’t balance. 


The last paycheck was duplicated on this inquiry screen.

My first thought was to void the checks, but that didn’t work because only the correct check showed up in the Void Checks window.  So, at that point, I decided to try taking a look at the tables and finding the duplicates. 

Finally, I found the illusive duplicates in UPR30100, DD30101 and DD10500 Payroll tables.  Now that I had located the payroll checks that were causing the issue, I made a backup of the company database and deleted the duplicates from those tables.  This was a tedious process that required I remove the checks one by one in most cases. 

The UPR30401 Payroll table also had to be updated to balance the distributions.  In my case, the cash amount was doubled, but everything else was as if there had been only one check created for each employee.  So, to correct this problem, I made the cash entry equal the net check amount and the entries balanced. 


The general ledger entry was out of balance because cash was incorrect.

Similarly, the direct deposit amount in Bank Reconciliation was also doubled.  To address this, I updated the CM20200 table to reflect the correct Total Net Check Amount.

Lastly, I recovered the General Ledger batch in Batch Recovery and was able to edit it.  I changed the cash entry to the Total Net Checks Amount and the entry then balanced. Despite all this detective work, I was unable to determine why this happened.  However, if you run into this issue with your Dynamics GP Payroll, following the steps I outlined in this post should resolve it. 

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By: Dawn Parker, Intelligent Technologies, Inc., a SC Dynamics GP partner


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