Microsoft Dynamics ERP Quick Quote Price Wizard Makes Getting a Budgetary Estimate As Easy As Pie

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How long does it take to get a price quote for Microsoft Dynamics GP or Microsoft Dynamics NAV? Would you be surprised to learn that it takes less than 5 minutes!?

When you’re evaluating accounting or ERP software for your company, one of the first questions that comes to mind is cost. Why? Because your time is valuable and you don’t want to waste it on meetings with potential providers of software solutions that are clearly outside of your budget range. And yet, the pricing information you’re looking for in order to create a short list of products is not easy to find.

That’s why the ERP Software Blog owners have created a Microsoft Dynamics ERP Quick Quote Wizard. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete the online form and receive a budgetary quote. Just click on the options provided for Functionality Required, Additional Functionality, and Level of Support. Then fill in your contact information along with the number of projected users. Click submit and a comprehensive proposal will appear like magic in your inbox minutes later.

Here’s a screenshot of what the Quick Quote Tool looks like:

ERP Quick Quote 1

After completing the form you instantaneously receive a confirmation:

ERP Quick Quote 2

Followed within a couple of minutes by an email with a comprehensive proposal attached. It contains not only pricing, but also provides detailed information about cloud versus on premise options, implementation services, data migration, training, support plans, video testimonials from current Microsoft Dynamics users, and more.

You get all of this without spending time on the phone with a Microsoft Dynamics partner, not to mention long meetings with sales executives. With this proposal in hand, you can begin to make an independent and informed decision about the viability of these products for your company. And if it looks like the shoe fits, then you can invite a local partner in to meet with you whenever you’re ready.

So when I say it’s easy as pie, I’m telling it like it is!

P.S. Should you also happen to be interested in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Quick Quote, just click here.

By ERP Software Blog Editors,

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