4 Ways to Save Time with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016

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upgrade_cloud.jpgMicrosoft Dynamics GP 2016 arrived in May with a host of improvements and enhanced functionalities. These changes were born out of a combination of feedback from users like you and market research to create a product that saves time, is easier to use and more supportive of overall business process.

Get the complete, flexible, and familiar tools you need to run and grow your small business and help your people achieve more with an upgrade to Dynamics GP 2016.


New Features of Dynamics GP 2016 

Expanded Workflow Functionality 

Expanded workflow functionality helps streamline financial, purchasing, sales, payroll, and project expense related approvals. These new workflow features enable customers to quickly customize their solutions and accelerate business approvals. Automated emails can be sent to the approver for delegation, escalation, and alternate approval for an action related to a document.  Plus, batch approvals will have a default Microsoft Word template for the edit list - this template will be available for general ledger, payables and receivables batches.
Sayonara Silverlight, Hello New HTML5 Web Client 

The new HTML5 Web Client enables a more agile cloud solution with improved accessibility for users. For the first time, users will be able to run full Dynamics GP on a tablet or smartphone, regardless of the operating system or browser type, to help users work how and when they want.


All In One Doc Viewer  

The new All In One Document Viewer makes it easier to find the document flow of a process through the system. Users can view all related inventory, sales or purchase documents for a single item or transaction in one window.
Power BI 

Dynamics GP 2016 will rapidly give users an even better idea of what’s going on in their organization. Microsoft recently released Power BI, a robust reporting tool designed to integrate with Microsoft business solutions like Dynamics GP to extend the solution’s analytical capabilities. Power BI delivers detailed analytical insights to help diagnose, solve and prevent problems or inefficiencies within a business. With Power BI reports on the homepage, users can get a quick view of their business performance without digging around the site to find that information.


Technology startup gears for growth with the Microsoft Cloud  


Catalogic Software needed to quickly replace their on-premises line of business systems and core infrastructure without disruption to their existing clients. With a complete ERP solution for small business in the cloud, including their email, calendar, and Microsoft Dynamics GP for financial management, they are ready for growth.

"We want to build out an infrastructure that can be agile and take advantage of new technology. To us this means moving applications to the cloud whenever it makes sense to do so."  

- James Farrell, Catalogic

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1 thought on “4 Ways to Save Time with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016”

  1. I run a small company and I've already tried some of the aforementioned improvements. Personally, I found them very time-saving. They helped me to get competitive advantage on the market and make bigger profits. They now outweigh the initial cost and effort associated with implementing the ERP software into my organization.

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