3 Manual Business Processes to Eliminate in Your Business

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For many manufacturers, manual organization has been the method of choice for managing their business. While there is something to be said for manually managing your wholesale distribution business, doing so can oftentimes significantly limit your potential for growth.

Manually managing inventory, analytics, scheduling and purchase/sales orders requires a significant amount of attention from your employees. This can make it difficult to focus their energy where your organization needs it most. Automating these otherwise manual processes with a specialized management system like Microsoft Dynamics GP,  can save your business the time and money that you need to promote growth and increase customer service.

Inventory Management

Manually tracking inventory and processes makes it difficult to view the entire picture of your manufacturing business. It takes a significant amount of time and effort and still does not give you all of the information that you and your customers need. Through the use of a manufacturer specific ERP system like Dynamics GP, automated inventory management capabilities can allow you to manage your inventory across multiple warehouses and currencies, while giving you real-time visibility of current inventory in transit, costs, and reorder quantities. This type of system also allows for the tracking of expiration dates, negative inventory and bin location. With automated software solutions, your customers can be certain that they are getting the standard of service they have come to expect and you can receive the information you need to make business savvy decisions to help your distribution company grow.

Manual Analytics

Without a basic manufacturer focused ERP software system, comfortable manual business processes can sometimes cause more headache than they are worth. If you find that your employees are  reentering redundant information, are unable to view and manipulate your data in a way that makes sense for your industry, have complex revenue structures that are difficult to manage, or are being forced to limit the size of documents, then a more automated ERP software solution may be the right option for you. Automated cloud ERP software allows your manufacturing company to use real-time analytics to look ahead and predict future sales trends, identify your highest margin customers and uncover under-performing stores or product lines.  Stop losing sleep over sticky notes and to do lists and get some peace of mind with the automated power of manufacturing software analytics.

Sales Order Management

Through the use of automated cloud ERP software, manufacturers are able to achieve much faster order fulfillment and data entry with automated sales order management. Order processing, shipping order generation, receive and fill orders, multiple warehouse transactions, predictive entry and more allow wholesale distributors to enhance the way you quote, receive and fill orders and can save you time and money. Manual processing leaves room for error and takes far too many resources. Through automated sales order management,manufacturers have the potential to grow their organization internationally through automatic currency translations and if you’re looking for the whole package, integrating your ERP with your CRM system, you can also improve customer satisfaction.

Automated cloud ERP software is the easiest way for manufacturers to have transparent insight into their entire operation. By eliminating manual processing, users can have the ability to improve both internal and external operations with ease. Let automated ERP software like Microsoft Dynamics GP transform how you do business. Cloud based ERP systems simplify information management to allow you to combine multiple data sources so that you can work to build richer insights and hone your competitive edge.

Still unsure if automated wholesale distribution management systems are for you? Check out some of our previous blog posts to help you determine the ROI and minimize the costs of a new ERP system, determine if it is time for you to update your current ERP system and even the impact of integrating ERP and CRM systems together.

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