Understanding How Dynamics GP Controls "Area Pages"

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On GP’s “area pages” you can rearrange the various boxes (transactions, cards, inquiry, etc.).  You can also minimize the contents of a box (so that just the title bar appears) and you can maximize a box (so it takes up the left side of the screen and puts all the other boxes on the right side in a stack).

2016 06 14 GP home page

This is all recorded in the SY07140 table in the system (aka DYNAMICS) database.  As a user exits an area page, GP will record the information about how the user had configured that area page.  The area page is identified through the dictionary/for/command ID.  In the case of the GP Financials area page:

CmdParentDIctID = 0

CmdParentFormID = 1568

CmdParentCmdID = 300

(Other common CMD ID’s are: 292=admin; 299=field service; 300=financials; 301=Payroll/HR; 302=inventory; 303=mfg; 304=project; 305=purchasing; 306=sales)

Each area page has a “zero” FormID which tracks the “mode” of the area page.  When Mode=0, you have the “normal” area display.  When Mode=2, the maximized box is noted with a value of “1” in the “Selected” column.

2016 06 14 GP Area Page

So in the example above, Dex_Row_ID 298 is the “header” for the financials area page (CmdFormID=0), one box is maximized (Mode=2), and the maximized box is “cards” (Selected=1 in Dex_Row_ID 302, with “4” being the identifier for “cards”).  Also note that on Dex_Row_ID=301 the Mode=1.  This signifies that when the area page mode returns to Mode=0, the box for CmdID=8 (setup) will be minimized.  (This is ignored when one box is maximized as all other boxes on the window then show with some content on the right.)

When you leave an area page, GP doesn’t simply update the existing rows for that area page in the SY07140.  Rather, it adds a new set of rows and deletes the prior ones.  We have seen a situation where this delete had not occurred.  As a result, thousands of record for the “sales” area page (CmdParentCmdID=306) accumulated in the SY07140.  (“Select USERID, count(1) from SY07140 Group by USERID” showed a user with a count of 2445!)  While we did not identify the specific cause of this, the result was that it when the user went to that area page, CPU and memory usage spiked as GP displayed the sales area page by repeating the seven boxes thousands of time (the slider on the scroll bar on the right of the area page became very small).


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By Allen Schuette, Avastone Technologies LLC, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner - Fox Cities, Milwaukee, Chicago

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