Top 7 Reasons SmartFill should be the 1st Dynamics GP Add-On that You Trial

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In a world where self-driving cars are becoming a reality, the fact that you can’t intuitively search for what you know in Dynamics GP, similar to search engines like Google and Bing, is unreal. It seems ancient when compared to other accounting products, but it doesn’t have to be.


SmartFill provides users with the ability to type in what they know versus a full and verified Account ID number. For example, if you want to pull all Denver Accounts, no problem. Type “Denver” into the Lookup window and SmartFill will pull any Account with Denver in the address, name, etc. Even if you only know part of the name, for example DEN, we can search that, too!


Now that you understand what SmartFill does, let’s chat about why it should be the first add-on you trial in your Microsoft Dynamics GP.


1. Ease of Use
It’s unrealistic for you to remember each Account, Customer, or Vendor numbers in your Dynamics GP. It becomes a chore and not one you want; use your time to remember things like your anniversary!


2. Flexibility for GP veterans
You’ve been using Dynamics GP for years, so remembering Account and Invoice numbers is a breeze. But, your role is expanding and you wish you just had more time. No problem. Grant your very own flexibility wish; use SmartFill so you don't have to remember the long, tedious numbers and save time by being able to essentially google in Dynamics GP.


3. Simplicity for GP newbies
Those new to Microsoft Dynamics GP have to learn a lot. They struggle with finding specific Accounts, but they don’t have to. SmartFill allows new users to type what-they-know instead of remembering specific ID numbers—giving newbies the opportunity to easily learn the new system.


4. Use in 3rd Party Windows
SmartFill can be added to all dexterity-based 3rd party products, meaning you aren’t just receiving this functionality in your Dynamics GP, you’re receiving it with all your customizations and add-ons, as well.


5. Implement in less than 3 ½ hours
It’s true. Implementing SmartFill doesn’t have to be a long process; it’s simple and you can install it right after you’ve made your purchase. Click here to see just how easy it is!


6. 4000+ out-of-the-box pre-defined lookups
Our goal here at Rockton Software is to make your work simpler & easier®. It’s what we center all our products and services around because who doesn’t like an easier and more efficient work day? With SmartFill’s pre-defined lookups, you can start using this product immediately after you implement! It gives you the ability to add your own lookups, but you don’t have to until you’re ready.


7. Unlimited technical support
When you purchase SmartFill from us, you receive unlimited technical support. And, trust me our support team is awesome. I might be biased, but I think we could possibly have the best support of all Dynamics GP Add-On Partners.


SmartFill is the add-on product that newbies think is native to Microsoft Dynamics GP and veterans of the system don’t know how they lived without for so long. It’s the simple, yet robust time-saving solution your company should deploy today.


To see for yourself, get started with a free 30-trial! You can also watch this short customer testimonial around SmartFill by Amber Bell.


Written By Nicole Helm, Marketing Specialist at Rockton Software, SmartFill for Dynamics GP.

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