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Timing is Everything: Two Reasons the Month of June is the Best Time to Buy a Dynamics Solution!

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  1. The first reason is common for any tech company. Every person in sales has one specific date on their mind; it is the end of the year. Well, Microsoft sales teams are no different. However unlike traditional tech companies Microsoft has year end on 6/31. What this means for buyers is that Microsoft will do anything in their power to close the deal by the end of this month. Just looking at Microsoft’s current promotions it is easy to see they have a common goal. I was recently working on an opportunity where I told my Microsoft Rep that I could possibly close the deal by 6/31 if I had a bit more leverage on price. Prior to this month I was able to get the 17% discount on licensing. It wasn’t until this month that I was offered a discount of 25%. When dealing with big license deals these savings can be huge.


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  1. The second reason the month of June is the best time to buy is because of the average time it takes to install an ERP system. Ideally most companies would like to go live at the start of their fiscal year 1/1. Well with a 6 month buffer this can ensure you are ready to go live at the turn of the New Year and your goals can be met.


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