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Is NAV on the Go! Right for you?

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Nav on the Go! is a turnkey solution that has standardized a template of core functions that meet the needs of a wide range of businesses.  With focus on having a horizontal solution that requires minimal setup, NAV on the Go! is a powerful ERP service.


Growing Production or Company Expansion

 If local production or expansion with major accounts is planned, a system must be capable of adjusting with the changing requirements.  The affodable monthly investment for NAV on the Go! allows a business to grow without major setbacks in capital.  The flexibility of NAV allows for a smooth transition into your next stage of company growth.


Standardizing Operations with a Single Source System

 For companies burdened by aging systems, disparate systems, or heavily relying on Excel, the NAV on the Go! Template will funnel all data into one system. It is also a low cost way to satisfy regulations and auditing requirements.


Do Not Want to Own Assets, Want to Use Operation System on Service-Basis

 Typically, ERPs require a large initial investment in the form of servers, license fees, and implementation costs. In addition, if the server is held within the company, further expenses will be incurred for maintenance, periodic updates, replacement, and IT working capital.

As NAV on the Go! is a cloud-based service, customers will not be burdened by owning the server, or the obligation of maintenance.

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