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Ken Jacobsen, The TM Group Inc.

Manage Projects with Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Prevent Accidents

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Project managers need to do everything in their power to prioritize safety. By using mobile software like Microsoft Dynamics NAV, work sites don't just take advantage of data visibility, they make it convenient. Job workers, project leaders and clients can coordinate their efforts so jobs are accomplished quickly and safely. When designing schedules, managers should take all important information into account to prevent over-stressed employees from making mistakes.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has features that improve the exchange of information between users like automatic workflow routines. As workers perform actions, the system sends alerts to managers so they can compare results to schedules, expectations and safety standards. Decision-makers can respond as soon as they detect troublesome trends or a single activity that needs to be paused before it spirals out of control.

The use of mobile ERP solutions provides the information necessary to work smarter and safer. The TM Group created a list of precautions construction projects should take before and during jobs utilizing Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

by The TM Group

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