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Make Business Better By Getting — and Keeping — the Best Employees

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Partner Offers Free Events for ERP Software Clients

The third session of our Making Businesses Better series is coming up June 22 in Edina, MN. This topic will cover “Hiring and Keeping the Best Employees.”


Our company’s mission is Making Businesses Better, but that’s not typically easy to do in the midst of implementing new accounting and ERP software. Long term it’s a very reachable goal and one we almost always attain, but midterm — it’s hard work.

Big changes can be difficult and time-consuming, and sometimes individual team members don’t want to change. Other times, the organization’s leaders don’t all share the “why we are doing this” vision and pass on their negative opinion to employees. The employees then see little purpose in the difficult path of changing out their accounting or ERP software.

We know how difficult these changes can be, and we understand the importance of gaining our clients’ trust before, during and after the implementation process. We want them to know that we are both sincere and capable of our mission.

To that end we now offer quarterly events aimed at improving businesses. These events are free and typically have nothing to do with ERP software. It’s our way of helping our clients (or potential clients) improve the way they do business, not just as it relates to accounting or ERP systems and support.

Our first event last fall focused on Project Management and featured independent consultant Lynn Anderson. Anderson is one of the best project managers in the Twin Cities metro. She excels at ensuring project success, gaining leadership buy-in and creating strong communication habits throughout the life of the project. The event garnered positive reviews from attendees, which included seasoned project managers from two clients who are among the largest nonprofits in the Twin Cities.

Our second quarterly event this spring was centered on “Gaining Traction in Your Business.” On this topic we again went with a local leader who has a national presence — CJ Dube, a business entrepreneur and well-known speaker on helping companies improve their vision, traction and health. Clients left happy with what they learned about gaining accountability throughout an organization, getting the right people in the right seats and establishing and sticking with Core Values that define their firms for ongoing improvement.


The third session of our Making Businesses Better series is coming up June 22. This topic will cover “Hiring and Keeping the Best Employees.”


This event will be about creating and maintaining a work environment that rewards performance, makes work fun and has a high degree of accountability. We are expecting our best turnout yet for this event because employees at all levels are interested in attracting and retaining the best people at their companies.

Our speaker will be Mary Ellen Leary, a Human Resources expert with more than 30 years of experience and founder of The MEL Group. Leary excels in organizational design and change management, strategic human resource planning, systems design and implementation, talent management, strategic compensation and executive coaching and development.

Anyone who is interested in this free event is welcome to attend. Join us June 22 at the Microsoft Technology Center in Edina, Minnesota, as we learn how to hire and keep the best people. Check out our website for more information or to register.

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