What Field Services Should Know About CRM

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Ensuring your customer service vision is being implemented on the granular level can be tough.  Between drivers losing work orders, resource scheduling complications and inventory control issues, the customer experience has not traditionally been a focus when evaluating business management solutions.

Today's hyper connected world has led to a shift in that priority - creating remarkable customer experiences is now at the center of how businesses grow and become more profitable.

In fact, a recent survey from American Express research showed that two-thirds of customers will pay more for an excellent customer experience.  Perhaps more importantly, 55% of customers have decided not to make a purchase because of a poor customer experience.

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Better Customer Service, Better Profits

The value added when customers perceive themselves to be a priority can be capitalized on.  As you deliver stronger customer experiences and your reputation builds you can actually charge more money for the service side of your business!

Take a 360% customer view – ask yourself, do I know everything about the customer and am I equipped to deliver that customer a remarkable experience?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Field Service takes the definition of customer service to a whole new level by solving business process issues within the context of the customer experience by:

  • Quickly reacting and adapting to changing schedules, demand changes & emergencies
  • Increasing first time fix rates
  • Increasing on time attainability
  • Providing a tailored experience for each customer
  • Providing offers they want and value


Better Customer Service, Better Business Processes

With new capabilities from CRM for supporting business management for field service, organizations will have the ability to schedule, manage and deliver excellent onsite service, whether it be the field technician who is supporting multiple customers on a single day, or complex, multi-day projects.  

CRM for Field Service matches the requirements for service calls with the available resources and end-to-end processes spanning case management through to work order completion.  For multi-day jobs, the software optimizes resourcing with intelligent, skills-based assignments. Through a service delivery foundation, the core CRM solution helps companies manage resources across all sources of demand.  

With a full range of solutions, Dynamics CRM for Field Service is helping businesses streamline service delivery and elevate their customers' experience. Contact Admiral to learn more.

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