Dynamics GP 2016 Workflow Improvements

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A little over a month ago, Microsoft released Dynamics GP 2016. With the release came a host of new features and improvements that can help enhance your organization.

On September 21st, 2015, Microsoft gave a presentation at reIMAGINE, a convention for people and businesses in the Dynamics GP community, about the new features and improvements that should come with the release of GP 2016. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Import/Export SmartLists from Designer
  • SmartLists from Favorites
  • Power BI Reports on Home Page
  • Export numbers to Excel formatted as Numbers
  • Budget Import Exception Report
  • Workflow Reassignment Notifications
  • All-in-One Document View

This post will be covering the improvements made to workflow.

Microsoft has included three improvements to workflow for GP 2016. The first one is workflow reassignment notifications. GP 2015 currently has the ability to send workflow assignment notifications and workflow completed notifications. Workflow assignment notifications allow users to receive an email notifying them that an action for a specific document has been assigned to them. Workflow action completed notifications give users the ability to send notifications to the originator and other users when actions are taken against the document. Navigate to Microsoft Dynamics GP --> Tools --> Setup --> System --> Workflow Setup to utilize this function.

In GP 2016, email notifications will be expanded. Emails can be sent to the approver for delegation, escalation, and alternate approval for an action related to a document.

The next improvement to workflow deals with condition management. GP 2015 allows users to set conditions for workflow steps based on any field that is on a document in the workflow, as well as other related fields not directly on the document. If a condition is not met, users have two choices – 1) succeeded and 2) canceled. With GP 2016, users will have two new options for what happens when step conditions are not met: 1) continue to next step and 2) reject.

The final improvement to workflow that users will see with GP 2016 is a Microsoft Word template for batch approval. Currently, the batch approval workflow in GP 2015 utilizes notifications within GP to alert users about completed actions. For example, once a user submits, say, a journal entry for approval, the assigned manager will get a notification in his/her GP. In GP 2016, batch approvals will have a default Microsoft Word template for the edit list. This template will be available for general ledger, payables, and receivables batches. Additionally, notifications will have the ability to be sent outside of GP. The Word document can be emailed to the approver for complete information before approving the transaction(s).

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