Posting Groups in Dynamics NAV

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Posting Groups in Dynamics NAV are used to create links between different application areas, such as Customers, Vendors, Items or Resources, to the General Ledger application area. There are three major types of posting groups that deal with selling inventory and resources to customers and buying inventory from vendors – General Posting Groups, Specific Posting Groups, and Tax Posting Groups.

Posting Groups are an important feature that works in the background to get all of your company’s transactions into the right place within your database. Since Posting Groups are used to link between different application areas, setting up the chart of accounts is a must before creating Posting Groups.

When purchases, sales, and other transactions are recorded and posted where a specific G/L Account is not specified directly, mapping to the correct accounts is provided through Posting Groups. For example, when an item is sold to a Customer, this is reflected on the Sales Order, and no General Ledger accounts are specified directly. However, upon completing the Navigate function, the review of a posted invoice shows entries that were posted to the G/L. This happens because Posting Groups are used to identify the G/L accounts that were assigned customers and items.  Posting Groups also control journal entries in Dynamics NAV.

To learn more about how to use Posting Groups, its features, and other Dynamics NAV how-to videos, you can access this course through WebSan University.

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