Meet the All New Dynamics GP 2016 Web Client

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The Microsoft Dynamics GP web client was first introduced with Dynamics GP 2013 as a way for users to be able to access some of the system’s capabilities on the go, instead of always needing to be at the office using a computer or terminal server that has Dynamics GP locally installed. Since its initial release, new features have been added to the web client with each new version of Dynamics GP, and this year's release is no exception. The Dynamics GP 2016 Web Client has a great deal of new features for users to get excited about, including:


  1. Support for all the popular web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Edge) – previous versions of the Microsoft Dynamics GP web client only ran in Microsoft browsers, as the web client was built on Microsoft’s Silverlight platform and required that add on to run. But the latest version of the Microsoft Dynamics GP web client that was released with GP 2016 is designed using HTML 5, the latest and greatest release of the universally accepted hypertext markup language.
  2. Cross-platform compatibility – Again, since the latest Microsoft GP web client was designed using HTML, it is accessible on a wide variety of mobile devices. No matter whether your smartphone or tablet is a Windows, Apple or Android one, you will be able to access the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 web client with ease.
  3. Integrated search functionality – The new search capability added to the Dynamics GP 2016 web client makes it easy to:
  • Locate the window or report that you need
  • Display a list of all open windows and reports that are relevant to your search term
  • Get a list of all reports and Windows available in the system’s navigation that match your search criteria
  • Close all open windows with a single action


  1. A number of other user experience enhancements – These include improved navigation, a more updated appearance, the ability to customize the web client’s color scheme to match your organization’s brand identity, and a banner at the top of each screen makes it easy to log in and out and see which company’s web client you are currently using.


Ready to learn more about these and other features available in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016? Please download the release guide.

If your organization currently uses Microsoft Dynamics GP and you’re interested in upgrading to GP 2016 and putting the web client to work in your business, please contact us. We will be happy to help!

If you do not yet use Microsoft Dynamics GP, but are interested in learning more about the software and whether or not it’s right for your business, please take a look at this webpage.

By: Laura Schomaker, Intelligent Technologies Inc., a South Carolina Microsoft Dynamics GP partner

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