GPUG Amplify 2016 Recap

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I had the pleasure of attending Amplify by GPUG in sunny Anaheim, California this past week. As an ISV, I was glad to have some sort of Microsoft Dynamics GP focused event to attend after the departure of Convergence, but going into it, let me say my expectations were low. With only a few short months to plan and execute the event no one really knew what to expect. Would there be enough content? Would Dynamics GP users even show up? But, I booked my ticket and crossed my fingers.

I was pleasantly surprised!
The GPUG team and Microsoft did a great job creating this conference quickly. They had hoped to hit a goal of 400 attendees, and they surpassed that reaching to about the 450 mark–a nice mix of partners, sponsors, and GP end users.
There were plenty of sessions to attend and the expo was a completely different experience for those that are used to the vast sea of vendor booths you typically see at the larger Microsoft events and GPUG Summit. The expo was an intimate setting inside of the main ballroom and all the vendors had small kiosk type booths; each booth had enough room to hold a laptop and a conversation.
At first I was skeptical, I mean there was barely room for a chair, but in reality we were able to have some great conversations with some of our current customers, as well as with people new to our products: SmartFill, Dynamics GP Toolbox, Auditor, Dynamics Report Manager (DRM), and Omni Price. I think it was far less intimidating for the attendees to peruse the booth spaces when there were no space ships descending from the ceiling, no monstrous booth spaces to navigate, and no armies of vendors vying for a moment of their attention and a badge to scan. People were able to just talk. It was a great change of pace from the norm.
Session content was great too from the feedback we were hearing throughout the conference. If you had a chance to peek in on the Rockton Software session, there was barely seat to be found! We enjoyed having a lot of Q&A throughout the presentation, too. Our customers always come with the best questions, but I might be a bit biased.



Overall, I think the event was a great success and I think next year will be an even larger event once the word gets out. Looking forward to Amplify 2017, and I hope to see you at GPUG Summit this fall!


Written By Alicia Weigel, Technical Sales Team Lead at Rockton Software, Dynamics GP ISV.

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