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WAY #1 - More Than Numbers

Most SMBs have to encounter a lot of pain before they decide to buy a new business application.


Buying large business software takes time away from peoples' real jobs. It’s a political minefield, too. Comparing different applications during the evaluation is mind numbing and usually confusing. Best to keep going with what the company already has until the operational confusion becomes unbearable, right?


Definitely not. By installing an ERP system to replace small business accounting packages, the SMB avoids problems and paves the pathway for growth. The big-picture problem with relying on small business accounting packages and distributed spreadsheets for financial management is that the SMB is missing out on opportunities to increase productivity. A single ERP system reduces complexity and provides a single data store that holds all key financial data.


Senior management needs summarized views of such data to guide the company. Growing the business efficiently is possible only with good reporting. This reporting comes from many places, but the core is the financial ERP database.


Using an ERP system for simple transactional accounting and period reports is the bare minimum use case. The data inside an ERP system is too important to be locked away. Using this data to manage operations is critical to growth.


Check back to see the remaining ways ERP can prepare you for long-term growth. Or visit our website here to download the full guide.

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