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You can do just about anything online these days. You can attend a meeting via Go-to-Webinar, deposit a check on your smart phone and even order groceries for tonight’s dinner to be delivered right to your door. So why would you go to an event to learn about a software product when you can simply do a little online research? Sure, you can learn a lot about Microsoft’s ERP products by reading online reviews, but it’s not quite the same as engaging in person with someone who knows all about the product.


If you take the time to attend our Dynamics ERP Comparison event, chances are good that you will meet someone who has used one of the products you are considering. You will also get the chance to speak directly with an expert who has consulted on more than one product. Both groups will tell you what is challenging about the product – not just the great stuff. You will also get to hear stories that you would not normally hear by doing research online.


For example, we recently had a client buy Dynamics GP (formerly known as Great Plains) even though the multi-company feature built into Dynamics SL did what they wanted a little better. Why did they do this? For GP, they had to buy an add-on product or ISV (Independent Software Vendor) to get the multi-entity management they needed. However, they also got another tool built by the same organization (Binary Stream) that addressed their property management challenges simply and elegantly. For a company that was moving from using QuickBooks for very simple financial reporting and Yardi for property management needs, Dynamics GP was perfect. What they wanted more than anything was one database, one user interface and one product to learn. Dynamics GP with Binary Stream did this for them in a way that Dynamics NAV and Dynamics SL could not.


We also had a client that is the world leader in portable/personal water treatment systems for camping move to Dynamics NAV after 14 years with GP. Why would they do that? Obviously the Dynamics GP software was working well for their distribution organization since they were still on maintenance after 14 years and keeping up with upgrades. However, this firm recently acquired two California-based organizations that are both manufacturers. One organization desalinates water, and the other makes  delicious-tasting

camping  food that doesn't attract animals. Dynamics NAV's capabilities in the manufacturing area met our client’s changing needs better and allowed them not to have to buy an add-in or ISV product. The organization also has locations in Germany and Switzerland so NAV's language and localization (value added taxes especially) features will be very welcome.


This client is not alone in moving toward NAV. Microsoft announced earlier this month that it is basing "Project Madeira" (Microsoft SaaS) on "Navision," or what is now Dynamics NAV. Like Dynamics GP, NAV is a dependable platform with very few software errors or bugs throughout the product due to its base of 110,000 customers worldwide. With so many happy customers on this one product, Microsoft has decided to capitalize on the momentum and expand NAV’s reach with its latest product.


Dynamics SL, the red-haired stepchild of Microsoft marketing, still offers the best out-of-the-box features for the project market and multi-company market. If you’re only doing online research, you might get the idea that most software products integrate project or job modules well with distribution modules. This is not the case. Dynamics SL in fact is Microsoft’s only middle-market product that does this well. We recently implemented Dynamics SL for a construction company that makes stainless steel equipment for the creation of "butter rooms" or "cheese making rooms" for large butter and cheese makers. Issuing inventory and having inventory lines on a sales order that update project costs is critical to them.


These are just a few stories of why clients chose the product they did. Attending an in-person event puts you into a situation where you can speak to more objective sources of this information than either a website or a salesperson. If you are near Minnesota, you are welcome to attend our Microsoft Dynamics ERP Comparison Event on May 17 at the Microsoft Technology Center in the southwest suburb of Edina. We would love to see you there, share our clients’ stories and answer any questions you may have regarding your ERP needs and challenges.

by Boyer & Associates


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