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Dynamics AX vs. SAP – Breaking Down their Benefits and Drawbacks

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    Microsoft Dynamics AX and SAP are two of the biggest names in ERP Solutions. Organizations looking for a new solution routinely consider both, but it is important to note their unique strengths and weaknesses.

    See a breakdown of their features and benefits side-by-side here - or keep reading for a quick overview!


    Generally speaking, SAP is better for users operating in the retail sphere, possessing several features that will be useful to retail users. It features good product development function, made to order processing, as well as strong quality control functionality and cash management tools. It also allows users to see the status of goods in transit.

    It is, however, less intuitive for users, and generally less customizable than AX. It is generally implemented faster than AX, and suffers from fewer disruptions of service, though those disruptions tend to last longer. SAP also features the highest percentage of users recouping cost within two years.

    Dynamics AX

    AX, on the other hand, is considered more flexible and easy to use. Its user interface is extremely intuitive, being browser base, and is considered easier to use than SAP. It features strong inter- and multi-organization support, where SAP is generally only used within one organization, as well as featuring strong production, MRP, and trade capabilities. It also features better Business Intelligence integration, due to its seamless integration with Microsoft Power BI.

    Usually AX takes longer than SAP to implement, though Socius offers a proven, agile implementation approach that can drastically cut down implement time. It is more likely than SAP to have disruptions, but the disruptions are noticeably shorter. Recouping costs generally can take longer, but the agile implementation can help accelerate the process.

    Both solutions feature their own strengths and weaknesses, so it is important to consider the needs of your organization while making the choice.

    We frequently see SAP as the solution of choice for a large enterprise, while Microsoft Dynamics AX is a terrific choice for the individual divisions or departments within that enterprise.

    See our side-by-side comparison and get a recommendation of whether or not Dynamics AX is right for your business here.

    By Socius, an Ohio AX Partner

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