How to Automate MRO Complex Logistics Requirements

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Automate MRO Complex Logistics Requirements

Specialized needs for MRO Logistics

Moving heavy or oversized aircraft spare parts and components like engines, propellers and landing gear assemblies from central to regional distribution centers around the world has always been a major pain point for OEMs, MROs and airlines with in-house MRO (Maintenance Repair and Overhaul) support. These complex logistics needs can be optimized and automated through a unified, comprehensive ERP MRO software solution.

Automate MRO Complex Logistics Requirements

Though aircraft parts and supplies can cost anywhere from several thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, rarely do things go as planned. Schedule changes, improper documents, import issues, lack of communication and other things cause significant delay costs to OEMs, MROs and airline companies totalling millions of dollars annually.

Given that a MRO needs to handle multiple operations, KPI (key performance indicators), and work with special trucking companies or air freight forwarders that have different ways of communication and apply varying freight rates for shipping cargo to various facilities, managing aircraft component shipment can easily become a nightmare. One way to deal with specialized logistics needs, handle multiple shipping operations simultaneously, improve performance and cut costs down is to opt for custom MRO software like Dynamics AX coupled with our ProMRO module.

Dynamics AX TMS Module Benefits

Initially designed to connect major business functions in manufacturing, retail, service industries and public sector, AX was augmented with the Transportation Management (TMS) module to deliver advanced transportation planning and execution capabilities for manufacturers. As a result, OEMs and MROs can efficiently organize and manage logistics activities. In a nutshell, Dynamics AX enhanced with TMS provides a complex MRO software solution that allows users to:

  • plan and execute inter-facility, inbound and outbound, domestic and international transportation movements in one system;
  • manage simple point-to-point and complex cross-dock, multi-modal and multi-leg operations along with multiple carriers and different contracts, including Power-by-the-Hour (PBH);
  • integrate order management and warehouse management processes with TMS for more optimized scheduling, sequencing and loading activities;
  • switch between different modes of transportation (Parcel, LTL, TL, Custom, Rail, Ocean and Multi-Modal), and assign transportation tasks to designated freight forwarders;
  • combine multi-stop, multi-segment, multi-modal and constraints-based routes with zone skipping, mileage service, cost, asset availability and the service level of each carrier to determine the right course of action for each shipment;
  • eliminate the time-consuming process of calling different carriers and requesting price quotes; using the routing and rating functionality, you can choose the least expensive, best-performing freight forwarder from a list of corresponding service providers, based on the origin, destination, weight, and pickup date of your shipments;
  • configure shipping rates based on fuel price and custom duties;
  • optimize itinerary selection and order consolidation to move your shipments from pick-up to drop-off points on time and at the lowest cost possible;
  • plan, schedule and review shipments based on trailer number, driver name, license number, location, etc.;
  • handle multi-tier networks that extend across different transportation modes and geographies in a single MRO software solution;
  • check current shipment statuses along with proofs of delivery;
  • designate and alter staging or loading locations from mobile devices;
  • view the check-in and check-out history of each driver;
  • access electronic freight bill invoice, freight accrual, automated payment processing, automated freight bill audit and claims management portal.

ProMRO Module allows unified, comprehensive ERP MRO software benefits

In addition to the features included in Dynamics AX TMS, our ProMRO module covers important areas of asset traceability to allow OEMs and MROs locate parts and get relevant production, quotation, sales, repair and installation details. With ProMRO, you can:

  • quote jobs and define different repair/maintenance project phases;
  • ensure complete serial traceability;
  • track inventory items by physical location and communicate to your customers when their orders will be shipped;
  • get real-time updates and notifications on projects, parts, materials and pieces of equipment, and review maintenance and repair reports whenever necessary;
  • trace back the parts used and access relevant history, including warranty, price, repair, maintenance, serial number, and allocation information;
  • identify parts that can’t be repaired and must be replaced with OEM parts;
  • create standardized lists of maintenance and repair activities for a fast and accurate sales quotation process;
  • plan and allocate resources, such as tools, parts and technicians, to repair and maintenance activities, which will minimize disruption and have a consistent positive impact on overall productivity.

Dynamics AX embedded with our ProMRO module delivers a complete MRO software solution that enables airlines, OEMs and MROs to efficiently manage their daily operations, saving them time and money.

At Clients First Business Solutions, we’re committed to support manufacturing, maintenance and repair operations through groundbreaking MRO software systems and expert consulting. Since the adoption of advanced technologies determines survival in the aviation and heavy equipment industries, we provide the right mix of fundamental ERP platforms and dedicated, future-ready MRO systems that make the difference between an aircraft repair being profitable or not.  To find out more about our international installations of the Dynamics AX and ProMRO software solutions, we invite you to call our office, at 800.331.8382 or email [email protected].

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  1. Some of the MRO key factors contributing to the growth of the MRO market are digitalization, the rising demand for air travel, and the upgradation of the legacy Management Information System (MIS).

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