Spring Clean Your Office with AP Automation

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Spring is finally here (even though it doesn’t feel like it here in Minnesota), and with spring comes the perfect opportunity to de-clutter and reorganize your office. But, rather than just taking out the trash and sorting through that pile of magazines that built up over the winter, you may want to commit this season to the ultimate deep cleaning: An AP automation solution.

AP automation will help you get rid of the paper building up in your office for good. No more manila folders, binders, packets, filing cabinets and boxes that make it a challenge to find documents. Here’s our guide to the ultimate spring cleaning with AP automation.

Implement it: Choose an AP automation that meets your business’s unique needs. We also recommend finding one that integrates with your current Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution. While implementing new software can be an extensive process, it’s the first step toward a permanent spring cleaning at your organization.

Scan it: Once you have an AP automation solution implemented, it’s time to start scanning! Scan old documents that you’ve been saving to meet record retention regulations, scan documents sitting on your desk waiting for you to take care of them and scan documents that come in from vendors and customers. If you can get your vendors to send invoices electronically, that will save you even more time and clutter as your AP automation solution will automatically capture, read, route and index the documents.

Shred it: Next comes the fun part. All those old invoices and other documents that have been causing a mess at your organization can be shredded and recycled once you have them scanned into your new AP automation solution. This will save you time, money and hassle.

When was the last time you saw the top of your desk? With an AP automation spring cleaning plan, you can keep your desk clean and clutter-free (from paper, at least) all year long!

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