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Real World Example: Not For Profit Flourishes with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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    During the early 2000’s a non-profit tourism organization was struggling to manage their business and gain a real understanding of their finances and labor costs. They knew their archaic software system needed to be replaced by a robust ERP system that would afford them all of the functionality they had been sorely needing. After researching different options, they chose Microsoft Dynamics GP because of its ability to manage every facet of their business and its ability to grow as their company expanded.


    1. Consistent issues with outdated software system that didn’t offer reporting capabilities and was difficult to navigate.
    2. Each company had implemented a different software system or none at all, making it impossible to get an overall picture of the company.
    3. They had a manual inventory process, manual tills and cash registers, and no computers were networked together.
    4. Tax updates and PTO accrual was entered manually.
    5. Inability to scale their software based on needs during the busy season.

    How Microsoft Dynamics GP Helped:

    1. Advanced reporting capabilities with Management Reporter

    Thanks to Management Reporter, they were able to easily generate multiple financial reports and set up reoccurring monthly emails that automatically send out needed reports. The reports can then be easily exported into Excel files.


    1. Ability to manage each company through Intercompany

    With Intercompany, users can seamlessly manage each individual company all within the same system. Every single dollar is accounted for in the same system and can be transferred to any or all of the other entities. This makes managing Due To’s and Due From’s simple.


    1. Up-to-date inventory counts and accurate POS system to track purchases

    With an up-to-date inventory system, managers set up reoccurring orders based on inventory level history and had access to real-time information on daily sales.


    1. Automatic tax updates and system upgrades at no cost

    With every new tax table release, their system was updated so no research or time-investment was needed other than simply installing the update. The manual entry was completely eliminated. When new system upgrades and features are added, they too could be installed with no additional software cost.

    5. Complete scalability to adjust for high and low tourism seasons.

    As a tourism driven business, their needs change throughout the year. During the busy season the level of staff grows over 600 percent, requiring not only an increase in accounting staff but also an increase in the capabilities needed from their ERP system. With Dynamics GP they have been able to handle each season’s increased workload without having to purchase anything additional.

    Their HR department also saves hundreds of labor hours thanks to the ability to reactivate seasonal employees rather than re-entering their information. When these employees are done for the season, they’re easily inactivated until the following year.

    Ongoing Success

    Over ten years have passed since first implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP and their systems and processes are stronger than ever. By taking advantage of the many different modules and functionality included in the system, they have been able to streamline their processes and increase productivity. Currently they’re utilizing:

    • Financial management
    • Audit trails and tracking
    • Purchasing
    • Human Resources
    • Payroll
    • Intercompany
    • Management Reporter
    • Greenshades Employee Portal
    • Greenshades Affordable Care Act Reporting Tool
    • Time Matrix


    Several employees have joined the team without any prior experience in GP and many expected the system to be complex and difficult to learn. While the system is complex, employees discovered how user-friendly the familiar interface is. Because GP is a Microsoft product, it features commands and layouts similar to other Microsoft programs like Excel and Word. To learn shortcuts and get a broader understanding of the software, many employees took advantage of in-depth training classes available at DFC’s Fargo training classroom. Another way the team has stayed up-to-date on new features, updated functionality, and shortcuts is through bi-annual user groups and an annual customer symposium, all offered free for DFC customers.

    Customer Comments

    “Our partnership with DFC Consultants is something we highly value.”
    “Dynamics has helped us reduce the steps needed and amount of data entry we have in some areas such as fixed assets and HR. We no longer need separate systems.”

    “I have no way of expressing enough the gratitude we have for the phenomenal job DFC did for us. I would like to give you all a great big hug!”

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