Mobile Dynamics AX Capabilities: Maximize Profitability from Mobility

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The emergence of new technologies and the exponential growth of mobility is compelling businesses to cater to a multitude of device form factors and offer experiences that are optimized for higher productivity. ERP vendors like Microsoft are making major investments in enabling new scenarios and new ways for users to work with hand-held devices. Mobile capabilities in Dynamics AX R3 focus on improving employee efficiency while on-the-go, enabling them to stay connected to processes around-the-clock. In addition, you can benefit from increased quality of service, improved productivity, stronger business relationships, and more accurate data capture. Let’s look at a few scenarios and see how mobile Dynamics AX capabilities are providing immersive, engaging and action-oriented experiences in the workplace:

1.  Approval: With Dynamics AX R3’s mobile capabilities, you can instantly and remotely approve business requests like budget, time sheets, expense reports, and purchase requisitions to reduce time spent on administrative tasks. erpimg1
erpimg2 2.  Timesheet: Dynamics AX R3 allows you to capture time spent on projects on-the-go, simplifying administrative burden while augmenting working capital through reduced billing cycle time. On your mobile device, you can view the list of timesheets, create new timesheets, and send timesheets for timely approval.
3.  Expense Management: Mobile expense management apps enable dramatic reduction in time and effort required to submit, approve, and process expense reports. With Dynamics AX R3 ERP at your fingertips, you can capture and resolve expenses while traveling, and implement expense policies seamlessly. Through your mobile app, you can view existing expense reports, create a new report and even submit them for instant approval. erpimg4
erpimg3 4.  Production Floor: With Dynamics AX R3’s production floor app, you can start production jobs, report finished jobs and also get a quick overview of the production jobs that need immediate attention on your mobile device. You can also view files attached to each job and enter necessary feedback. As the app is specifically designed for mobile devices, it offers improved readability while you’re on-the-go.
5.  Warehouse Management: Dynamics AX R3’s mobile capabilities enable you to optimize your warehouse processes by eliminating paper work and reducing the number of errors significantly. Simple and easy-to-use graphical interfaces can be configured to fit the needs of individual users, reducing the time required for user training. With mobile capabilities, you can ensure improved productivity of your warehouse staff and improved accuracy of your inventory data. erpimg5
erpimg6 6.  Customer Service: Your field technicians require critical service information and customer data at their fingertips, no matter where they are. With Dynamics AX R3, remote employees can have greater insight into customers while on the road. Empower your field staff with real-time customer data and enable them to complete work orders, improve service levels, accelerate service to cash cycle and provide faster response to customers.

Maximize Profitability
Mobile ERP capabilities are designed to solve the challenges that keep businesses tied to their desks. By extending ERP functionality beyond workplace PCs, Dynamics AX R3 makes data available whenever and wherever you need it, and empowers you to take data-driven decisions with immediate impact and results. In addition, you can achieve greater operational efficiencies and improved workflow, improving responsiveness to customer and prospect needs and inquiries. A Dynamics AX 2012 R3 system scales with your business with the capability and flexibility to integrate with new technology solutions, allowing you to offer improved user experiences in real-time.

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