Microsoft GP Can Improve Warehouse Management

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With growth comes complexity, especially in the manufacturing industry. While paper-based processes may have worked well in the past, the requirements of a fast paced global supply chain can't be supported in a solely paper world. Often in the distribution industry front of house gets updated regularly, but the warehouse has become a hidden abyss where more "traditional" business processes are the norm. Rather than stick with this product line and picking tickets printed in the front office mentality, transitioning over to a more flexible ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics GP may make things easier. By utilizing Microsoft Dynamics GP's innovative distributor focused capabilities, users will have the ability to:


To read more about the other ways that Dynamics GP can enhance your Distribution business, download our complimentary ebook here. For more information on Microsoft Dynamics GP and how it can grow your business, contact Logan Consulting your Chicago based Microsoft GP partners for a consultation, training, or help customizing your software to fit your business.

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