Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016’s Native Integration with Dynamics CRM

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One of the top features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 is its native integration with Dynamics CRM, which makes for a more efficient lead to cash process, and offers an overarching view of dashboards and reports. The native integration between the two systems allows for efficient data sharing and order processing.

With this native functionality, sharing information between Dynamics NAV and CRM becomes seamless. Integrating data using Dynamics CRM entities, like contacts and accounts, with the customer and contact record types in Dynamics NAV, generates valuable information to help you make better business decisions. Dynamics CRM users—with appropriate security rights—have access to up-to-date financial information, while Dynamics NAV users can see opportunities and cases open for a specific customer.

Integration between Dynamics NAV and CRM is helpful for salespersons as well. The ability to synchronize items, prices, and different currencies from Dynamics NAV into a CRM pricelist allows salespersons to create up-to-date sales orders in CRM and connect with invoicing in Dynamics NAV.

The native integration between Dynamics NAV and CRM enables users to work in both systems and for data to be easily synchronized, where changes to records in Dynamics CRM can be copied to corresponding records in Dynamics NAV.

Below is a shortlist of some features in Dynamics NAV and their equivalent in Dynamics CRM:

Dynamics NAV Dynamics CRM
Customer Account
Contact Contact
Salesperson/Purchaser User
Item and Resource Product
Currency Transaction Currency

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