How Great Plains Financial Users Easily Manage Multiple Companies

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Do you use Dynamics Great Plains financial software to handle your organization’s accounting and:


  1. Have multiple companies but one centralized accounting location?
  2. Wish you could process all of those companies in one Microsoft Dynamics GP database and still maintain individual balance sheets and income statements?


If you answered yes, Multi-Entity Management (MEM) by Binary Stream may be the answer for you.


MEM allows you to enter transactions in one database for multiple companies.  It is an easy process and you never “leave” Dynamics Great Plains financial software.  It eliminates the need to login/out of each company when processing transactions for multiple companies. Aside from streamlining your workflow, here are a few other important benefits Binary Stream’s MEM provides.


  • Improved Site Security and Control— Limit the information that each user has access to. Users can be setup to only see data for certain companies.  This security can also be applied to report printing in Microsoft Dynamics GP and in Management Reporter.
  • Reduce Operational Costs—With fewer databases to maintain, you can lower IT costs and save on infrastructure spending.
  • Improve Reporting—Always have the most recent financial data at your fingertips. This proactive account approach makes running accounting reports quick and efficient.


Watch a quick demo of Binary Stream’s MEM software.

After setup, MEM will automatically create the due to/due from intercompany distributions when transactions are entered.  It will “correct” the entries if an end user tries to enter the incorrect due to/due from entry.

The centralized accounting office can select to print Accounts Payable checks for multiple companies at once or for one company at a time.  If a vendor is shared among the companies, the end user has to the choice of creating one check for multiple companies.

If you believe that MEM could possibly be a good fit for your company, please contact us at Intelligent Technologies.  We offer a variety of services to meet your Microsoft Dynamics GP needs.


By: Dawn Parker, Intelligent Technologies, Inc., a SC Dynamics GP Reseller

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