GP Utilities Install Errors on Version Incompatibility With Modules

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---Jo Ann de Ruiter, MCP - Dynamics GP Practice Lead with ACE Microtechnology, Inc.

This is far from a technical post, but may help you resolve the version issues that are popping up in GP Utilities.

When doing a new install on a server or workstation of an existing GP Implementation, you get an error during utilities saying that there is a version incompatibility but you are installing the exact version of the working installations: 

If you are 100 % sure you've got the right version of GP installed and you still get the error during Utilities then the cause will usually turn out to be that you have chosen to install a module (during the selection of modules that happens at install) that is incompatible with the version you are on. 

The cause is usually that the module(s) had once (many years ago) been installed and thus, the tables installed.  However, during subsequent upgrades these modules were not installed during the upgrade and thus were not upgraded. 

Add in, now, the fact that that upgrades are so "version-to-upgrade-from" specific you have a situation wherein the existing tables for these modules are still at an old-old version and not compatible to upgrade to the newer version that is installed.  Thus, your Utilities are going to fail. 

Even if you delete the modules from the .SET file it will NOT solve the issue since during the installation process there is code added to the program and not just a product in the .set file.  Usually, it is only 3rd parties or GP parts that are NOT considered their own module that can just be deleted from a .SET file to fix start up issues. 

The solution is to run a Add/Remove in Control Panel on Microsoft Dynamics GP and unmark those modules.  This will remove the offending modules from the install code on that machine.  If you’re not sure which modules are causing this, take a look at an existing .SET file from a working installation on another client machine. 

Once they are removed the Utilities will complete successfully.

If you are attempting to purposefully install these modules you will need to run these scripts against the Product ID of the module(s) you want to install:

--Run the following against the DYNAMICS database

DELETE DYNAMICS..DB_Upgrade WHERE PRODID=Your Product Number here

DELETE DYNAMICS..DU000030 WHERE PRODID=Your Product Number here

DELETE DYNAMICS..DU000020 WHERE PRODID=Your Product Number here

DROP TABLE Product Table(s) of Your Product


--Run the following against EVERY company database

DROP TABLE Product Table(s) of Your Product

DROP TABLE Product Table(s) of Your Product

This will enable Utilities to re-create the tables in the newer version you are using.

***Caveat - Even though it is probably old data, you may want to make backups of the tables before you drop them***

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