Cloud ERP Helps Nurture Long-Term Client/Supplier Relationships in the Distribution Industry

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The Distribution Industry is very competitive.  In order to nurture long-term client/supplier relationships, it is critical that you choose technology that offers the flexibility, control and visibility you need to react faster to client questions and deliver products with greater proficiency.  By implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution with commanding warehouse management features, you can be the supplier clients want to work with.  Cloud ERP, like Dynamics GP in the Cloud and Acumatica Cloud ERP offered by Collins Computing, Inc, is a solution that will put you steps ahead of the competition.


What time will our shipment arrive at the loading dock?

  1. Can you hold for a couple of minutes? I need to run back to the warehouse to see if the truck has left yet.
  2. When did you place the order? Can you give me the confirmation number so that I can pull that order from the file.
  3. The truck is currently at mile marker 10 on I-405. Estimated arrival is 9:15.


Do you have that item in stock?

  1. I need to check in the warehouse. Can I call you back?
  2. That’s not my department. Order fulfillment will send you a backorder notice if we are out.
  3. Yes, we have 11 currently in stock with an additional 20 due in tomorrow.


We are undergoing an audit.  Can you provide a report of our last year purchases by lot and serial numbers?

  1. I don’t think so. Let me check.
  2. You’ll need to send that request in writing.
  3. I will email the report right away.


These questions can provide insight into what today’s clients may be looking for in a supplier, such as do you know if the items your client ordered are in stock, where your client’s order is physically located or providing an order history report?  This information is important to you and to your client.


If you can’t answer #3 to all of the above questions, then it may be time to reconsider your business management tools before your client reconsiders their supplier relationship with you.


Changing systems and processes may seem like a daunting task and you should take care when making this decision.  With Cloud ERP, like Dynamics GP in the Cloud and Acumatica Cloud ERP offered by Collins Computing, Inc, you can be the supplier that clients want to work with.  You and your team can access real-time inventory details, know what your client ordered last and what they may want to reorder, know where inventory is located between your warehouse and theirs, and negotiate prices on the fly to build sales.


Turning to Collins Computing and Cloud ERP for help will give you the tools to make smarter financial decisions; wow your clients by knowing them and their needs; and creating client loyalty by showing you care about your long-term client/supplier relationship.


Invest in Collins Computing and Cloud ERP, and we’ll help you to continue building client loyalty and strengthen long-term client relationships.

By Collins Computing, Inc.

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