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Budget Import Exception Report a New Feature of Dynamics GP 2016

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So you might have read about it from the Dynamics GP 2016 Feature of the Day: the new Budget Import Exception Report. This exception report will print displaying accounts that are not setup in Dynamics GP when importing budgets.

Currently, when a Dynamics GP end user attempts to import budget amounts and posting accounts from Excel into Microsoft Dynamics GP there is no notification if an account does not exist. This new feature in Dynamics GP 2016 will fix that. This quick response allows for the user to stop the importation of reports, move into GP, create a new account, and then move back out and continue to import budgets. This feature saves time by not making the end user search through options to find the given problem, but wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to stop the importation of data to setup a new General Ledger Posting account just to finish importing your Excel budgets.

What if there was an option to take the automation one step further. Imagine your budgets amounts (in any Excel Worksheet layout) are smoothing being imported into Dynamics GP while you relax with a cup of coffee in hand. This can become a reality with Full Circle Budget, a simple and affordable Excel add-in that streamlines the budget importing process.

Full Circle Budget eliminates the process of manually creating a new account in GP. With Full Circle Budget the missing account is created and updated without you having to do anything but check a box (Auto create accounts) when setting up the budget definition. The Enterprise Edition is equipped to quickly handle and automate another common hold up when importing data into Dynamics GP.


Just another problem Full Circle solves by automating the process, leading to a more efficient budget, and in this case an uninterrupted well deserved coffee break.

Are you frustrated with budgeting in Excel? See how Full Circle Budget compares to Microsoft Excel and Dynamics GP Budget Wizard for Excel.

T3 Information Systems is a Microsoft Dynamics ISV for Full Circle Budget a Contact us today at 202-419-5100 for a personalized demo for your organization.

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