3 Things I Don't Like about AX 7

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There is so much to like about the New Microsoft Dynamics AX!  I wrote about the 7 things I like most about AX 7 here.

However, there are a few aspects of the New Dynamics AX that aren't my favorite:

Adopting New Navigation

Filter by Grid.  Right-click and view details.  Everyone that uses AX knows these navigation terms.  This navigation is not utilized in the New Dynamics AX.  Oh, you can filter, and get to master form records, but the navigation paths are different.  It’s like having new neighbors.  I’m sure the features will be fine, but I will miss the ease of filtering and details offered in the previous versions of Dynamics.


With the investment Microsoft has made in this product, I keep expecting new releases to have purchase and invoice forms that match the richness of the AX platform.  They don’t.  At all.  Perhaps Microsoft assumes that all clients will insert their own forms.  Perhaps they’ve overlooked that the documents are still a critical part of many organizations.  Long Story short, be prepared to have your Partner or IT create a nice custom form for your client facing documents such as purchase orders, because the AX form just doesn’t cut it.


Cloud First

I understand Microsoft’s approach to putting the New Dynamics AX  on the cloud first.  But, that means that those of us that are on-premise are waiting, either to implement or to upgrade.  Looking forward to having these new features and redesigned functions available to all Microsoft AX clients, Azure, Private Cloud, On-Prem and upgrades from previous versions.

All in all, these three draw-backs are very minor when you consider all of the great new features and functionality that AX 7 has in store!

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By Jennifer Johnson, Senior AX Consultant at Socius, an Ohio Dynamics AX partner

by Socius

2 thoughts on “3 Things I Don't Like about AX 7”

  1. Hi Daniel - nice to hear from you. The filtering in the New Dynamics AX moves to a column on the left side of the display. It's more drop down friendly, and definitely more touch screen friendly. Here is a blog with some screenshots: https://atinkerersnotebook.com/2016/01/15/the-new-dynamics-ax-tip-15-using-the-list-filter/
    In the long term, I imagine I will like this style better, but after working with filtering within the grid for the last several years...I guess I'm slow to adapt! ~~

  2. You mentioned that "you can filter, and get to master form records, but the navigation paths are different," but you didn't explain what the difference is in v. 7. Are you at liberty to add some details?


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